Dog names ending in y

Dog names ending in y

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Dog names ending in y

1) My family got an American Bulldog from a friend. He is now five years old. I named him, "Buddy" (Buddy the Bulldog). A few months ago, my dog Buddy passed away. I know he is in heaven now, but does it get easier to handle or will I still miss him after a year?


2) My dog is the runt of her litter (and by the way, it is a boy) and was named after my great grandma. He is named "Wynne". I feel very fortunate and have an angel. How do I get a name with an extra "n" for my second son?


3) My husband's dog is named after our son, Jackson. The dog is about a year old and she is called Jazzy. Is there any reason to call her that?


4) A female dog in our household is named after my dad. Her name is Missy. Do I have the right to use the same name for my future daughter?


5) My baby girl is a Yorkie, and is now about a year old. Her name is "Pepper". Would it be all right if I call her Pepper, or is it not polite?


6) My son is now five years old and he has a dog named Mimi. The dog is a female, but Mimi is a boy. My son named him after a movie star, Mimi, a dog. I am wondering, is it all right to name a female dog boy?


7) I'm having a hard time deciding if I should name my dog "Muffy" or "Mandy." If it makes any difference, Mandy is a male.


8) My 5-year-old daughter loves dogs. I named one of our dogs "Muffy" and she calls the other one Mandy. What do you think?


9) Our son was born with a heart defect, which is being treated. His last name is Kowalski, and we have a lab named Mimi. My husband and I were told he's a good boy because he doesn't have any bad habits, and we have a male lab. We decided to keep the name Kowalski, and to get a male lab named Mimi. Do we make a mistake?


10) I would like to know if it is OK to name my dog "Cynthia."


11) My husband and I decided that we would name the puppies we would be having the same name. The first one we got was a female named "Diana." I know that if we had gotten a boy the name would have been a little different, but I don't know what the name would have been. What would you recommend?


12) My dog's name is Lucy. I got her from my friend's mother when she was only two weeks old. I am not sure how I am supposed to know when to call her Lucy. My friends don't understand, and I am getting tired of them teasing me about it. They want to know if she will be called Lucy or Lucy-Lu.


13) I'm planning on adopting a female German shepherd and would like to name her something, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure if it's right or wrong to name a female dog boy or girl.


14) My family got a puppy last week. We named it "Cathy." But I was told by one of my friends that it would be okay to name a female puppy "Cathy." What should we name the second puppy?


15) My dad's dog has a name that my dad can't pronounce, so I gave her a name that I can. She is called "Nettie." How would you pronounce her name?


16) My daughter has a dog she just found. She is having a hard time coming up with a name. How do I find a name that will fit this little doggy?


17) My dog's name is "Hank." It is not a boy's name, but my husband said it could work for a boy. My dad says he is very intelligent and he would like him to be named after his great grandfather. Is it appropriate for a dog to be named after a great-grandfather?


18) Our dog's name is "Molly." Should I just let the breeder name her, or should I name her something else?


19) My dog's name is "Lulu." My sister's dog's name is "Buddy." I don't think it is right to name a female dog Buddy. Am I right or wrong?


20) I'm having trouble choosing a name for my next dog. I'm trying to get an appropriate name for a female dog, but I'm not sure. I like the name "Tinkerbell." Would you recommend using the name "Tinkerbell"?


21) My husband and I decided to name our dog "Dakota," but we have a male dog named "Maddy." Are they the same, or are they different?


22) My daughter wants to name a dog "Jackie," but the breeder says that it won't be right. What would you recommend?


23) I am having a problem choosing a name for my daughter's new dog. I want a girl's name, but I don't want it to be too girly or else it won't sound masculine enough. Any suggestions?


24) My family got a puppy and named her "D

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