Too short chase the cat

Too short chase the cat

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Too short chase the cat, the dog would play,

If the cat would play, the cat would not run,

If the cat would not run, the cat would not catch,

And if the cat would not catch the dog would be lost.




The old lady sd to the old man

"How many legs has the cat got?"

"The cat," sd he, "has but two legs,

One for a breakfast and one for a dinner."

"Why," sd she, "if he has but two legs,

He has but half a breakfast and half a dinner."

* * * * *

When I was a young man I used to go

To school in a leather cap.

Now I wear a soft felt, and yet

I'm not afrd of a beating.

It is very well for your young men

To go about so big and strong,

But your young women should look well

And be tidy, not like a louse.

_Old Song._


[Illustration: A bird in a cage.]

A bird in a cage,

With his wings spread,

Is in a great fuss

Because there are not holes enough in the roof.

* * * * *

Two birds in a tree

Are as bad as three,

For if one of them drops from its perch

The other two will catch him.

It's the same with men--they are always to blame,

When they are not so happy as other folks.

* * * * *

Two birds are in a tree,

They are not far from the ground,

Both of them have got the same size feet,

And are in a very great hurry to be off.

There they stand, on the left and the right,

And both shout, "Hurrah!" as loud as they can,

And then, because they cannot get off at once,

Both shout, "Oh dear!" before they are out of the wood.

* * * * *

Two birds in a tree,

Their mother is sitting by,

She is knitting a stocking,

As she sits by the fire.

* * * * *

Two birds are in a tree,

The one is on the right,

The other is on the left.

They are both singing their sweet songs.

But what's the use of songs,

When there is no one to hear?

They don't seem to me

To be very happy.

What is there to laugh at?

The sky is blue.

They should laugh and sing,

While they're alive,

And they should sing their sweet songs

While they are here.



[Illustration: A horse and his master.]

There was a horse

That knew how to work,

It was not like a dog

To beg and to whine,

And to stand all day

In the door without any one.

It would stand quietly,

And take as much as it wanted,

And when it had eaten it would play,

And then it would go and lie down.

There was a horse

That did nothing at all,

But it was better, far better,

Than the stupid old men

Who only worked for a living,

But could never get any better.




_Little_ Robin _little Robin_ Robin

Little Robin _little Robin_ Robin,

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