Tired tiger kitten: "I love my stuffed bunny!"

Tired tiger kitten: "I love my stuffed bunny!"

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Before this video, a small warning must be given: it is almost too sweet to be true! His little protagonist, the kitten Osamu, is ready for the sand man and cuddles to sleep with his favorite soft cuddly toy. Here we go!

So tired cute kitten? Before the fluffy baby tiger takes a nap in this bedtime movie, he shows a few more times how fine he can mumble and then holds his beloved soft toy as tightly as his little cat paws allow.

The pretty velvet paw has recently moved into her new home and now lives there with a few other cats. There is no shortage of lively cuddly friends for the baby animal - but sometimes such a soft toy is also a fine thing. Sleep well, minimiez!

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