Hiding Dog Kennels in the Home Decor

Hiding Dog Kennels in the Home Decor

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Your pup's kennel, also referred to as a crate, is his safe haven, but unfortunately it can stick out in your decor like a sore thumb. Fortunately, there are ways for you to hide that ugly crate among your furniture so only you and Fido will know it's there. You can also purchase a decorative crate that also functions as a piece of furniture, blending seamlessly into your aesthetic.

Hide the Crate

Depending on the size of your pup's crate, it can fit in a variety of spaces among your furniture. Place it under your coffee table or an end table to tuck it away from view without impeding your pooch's ventilation. Smaller crates can fit into the lowest shelf of a bookcase or your entertainment center. Angle larger pieces of furniture like sofas in front of the crate to keep it from view, leaving enough room for Fido to get to it. You can also hide your dog's crate under a decorative bench at the foot of your bed, a desk in your den or out of the way under a bench in your mudroom.

Cover the Crate

Purchase a ready-made fabric cover for your pup's crate that matches your home's color scheme or make one yourself. Use a natural, breathable fabric that won't impede your pup's ventilation with an adjustable panel in the front that lifts up so he can enter and exit the crate at will. There are also decorative kennel covers made from wood or wicker that you can place the crate inside of to fully hide it. You can also re-purpose a hope chest, storage bench or cabinet that matches your decor to hold the crate. For such furniture remodels, you'll need to create holes in the sides of the piece of furniture for light and ventilation, recommends HGTV. Add an opening big enough on the side of the furniture for Fido to go through to enter his crate.

Decorative Crate

Hide your pup's crate in plain sight by purchasing a decorative one that matches your home's design scheme. While some of these crates are very expensive, more than $500 in price, they can do double duty as both a crate and a functional piece of furniture, according to People Magazine. For example, some comfortable crates also act as a stylish end table or nightstand. These crates come in a variety of styles, shapes and materials, from stately rich woods to shiny modern fiberglass. While some have the metal mesh panels of traditional kennels, many have decorative designs cut into their sides to provide your pooch with ventilation.


To further conceal your pup's crate when you tuck it under a table or bench, add a fabric cover over the furniture to hide both items from view. Place a piece of glass over the top of the table to keep the cover in place and protect the fabric from normal wear and tear. As a temporary or quick solution, you can tuck a small dog crate behind some billowy floor-length curtains or drapes, under your window, as a way to hide it. Decorative blankets or quilts also work well as a fast way to camouflage an ugly crate from unexpected company.



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