Cheeky cats play with straws

Cheeky cats play with straws

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The pretty white cats in this video obviously used kitchen utensils: full of curiosity, the sweet velvet paws play with straws and it turns out that the colorful plastic toys are very popular with the cute guys ...

"Bring the toy!" Kittens can also have a lot of fun with household items. The two pussies in this video have discovered something new for themselves: straws. With their delicate paws, they slide them back and forth, get the colored plastic tubes to roll or try to chew on them. Pretty exciting!

And it shows that a cat toy does not always have to be expensive. But caution is advised: housetiger should never play unsupervised with straws or other plastic utensils that they could chew and eat, because that would be dangerous for them. The owners of these white kittens take good care of their favorites so that they can have a lot of fun with their new toys. Simply cute!

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