Find the ball! Cat gets treats after playing hide-and-seek

Find the ball! Cat gets treats after playing hide-and-seek

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The owner of cat Monkey has come up with a very special game for his darling. In order to receive treats, the miez must find small, white balls in her home and then throw them into a designated machine. And as this video shows, this is of course a little thing for the velvet paw.

"Where's the ball? Ah, there it is!" Cat Monkey likes to hunt, even if it's just about finding some items in boxes or other hiding places. His owner has therefore built a device for the fur nose that gives out small treats as a reward. To do this, however, the kitty must throw in a ball as a means of payment. The first ball is found quickly. Zack, Monkey has already thrown him in the machine and can eat crunchy treats.

But the smart little tiger wants more and is looking for another ball. "Hmm, maybe in the study?" Monkey thinks and hops onto the desk. But there the fluffy nose only finds two empty cups. But the room is big and so the velvet paw inspects a closet and discovers an open box. "Ahaaaa, there is the second ball!", The little animal rejoices and grabs it to walk straight to the treat machine and pick up his prize. Clever fellow!

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