Dry cat food: is it healthy for your cat?

Dry cat food: is it healthy for your cat?

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Dry food is practical for mistresses and masters, but not the best choice for cats as staple food. It should rather be a change from wet food - because that is part of a balanced diet. British Shorthair cat eats dry food: is that healthy for you? - Shutterstock / Magone

It's nice to only feed a cat dry food. After all, it is long-lasting, less odor-intensive and looks appetizing. It is also cheaper in the long run because the high-energy feed fills you up faster and you need less of it. However, there are several reasons why you should not only feed your cat with dry food.

Dry food contains hardly any water

The main difference between dry and wet feed is the water content. While wet food consists of 60 to 80 percent water, the dry version is only about eight percent. In nature, cats ensure their hydration through food, which is why the animals are quite lazy to drink. A cat that now always consumes dry food and therefore too little water can develop bladder and kidney problems. Wet food, on the other hand, provides sufficient fluid. In addition, dry food is more energetic due to the low water content and can lead to overweight in your darling over time.

Variety in cat nutrition

Dry food can under certain circumstances be a supplement to wet food. For example, feed it as a treat. Or offer wet food and dry food alternating daily. The latter as a staple food is really only recommended if your cat absolutely does not like wet food. If she does not tolerate wet food and gets diarrhea, for example, ask your veterinarian for advice - he can prescribe so-called hypoallergenic cat food for your fur nose and find out with an exclusion diet which food component you do not get. Don't get around dry food, but at least try soaking it in a little water to keep your cat hydrated. Hydration is particularly important in older animals, as they often drink less than young cats.

Cat food for dogs or dog food for cats?

Dog food for cats and cat food for dogs is for the regular nutrition of the four-legged friends ...

What you should pay attention to when feeding

No matter whether dry or wet food: Always pay attention to the cat food ingredients. Many types of food contain raw fibers or cereals derived from plants, but these are not part of a cat's diet. The velvet paws are pure carnivores and their digestive system is not designed for plant-based foods. A diet with many plant components can lead to digestive problems and bladder stones in your cat, possibly also to deficiency symptoms. Sugar should never be part of animal feed, as it is bad for the teeth and is of no use to the cat. So be sure to rely on high-quality grain and sugar-free feed products. It is best to consult a veterinarian to be sure.

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