Hangover Roodi is a sugar-sweet cuddly cheek

Hangover Roodi is a sugar-sweet cuddly cheek

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Allow: tomcat Roodi, black cat with a white cat's nose and white paws - and one of the sweetest blanket lovers on the planet. Can someone like that cause trouble? The answer is by greeting in the video:

Well, there are cats who love their blankets. And there are those who simply adore, caress and put their heart into their cozy meadow. Kater Roodi belongs to this species and cuddles with its fleece material that your eyes get wet. The challenge: Who is fluffier on the road, Roodi or Mrs. Samtweich? We would have any idea ...

The most popular cat names make hangovers happy

The letter "L" dominates the most popular names for female cats. Hangovers are from your ...


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