Henry and Baloo: Dog and cat on a long trip

Henry and Baloo are an animal duo. Whether in the desert, in the mountains or by the lake, the dog and cat discover the world on four paws together with their owner and owner. Fortunately, their travels are always documented with the camera.

When American Cynthia Bennet and her boyfriend travel, it's never alone. The couple always has their dog Herny and their cat Baloo in their luggage. They are at least as enthusiastic about the outdoors as their owners.

The animal travel companions are a heart and a soul. They love to go hiking with them. The result is beautiful snapshots that Ms. Cynthia shares on Instagram. Not only are Henry and Baloo excellently staged in the pictures, but also the breathtaking landscapes.

Without a doubt: the two are simply the cutest thing you have seen in a long time. This is also the opinion of many users on the net. The animal duo on Instagram already has over half a million followers. So Henry and Baloo are little internet stars.

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