Dog days of summer clipart

Dog days of summer clipart

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Dog days of summer clipart

You probably knew this already but there’s more to summer than the beach. Today is the start of summer in the US which means it’s now officially the time to start working on your summertime marketing campgns. As we move through the months of spring and summer, more and more families are leaving the beach behind and turning to parks and activities for fun and entertnment. If you need some summertime inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find a range of free summer clipart. The clipart is a variety of pictures and fonts, all avlable for free use. Enjoy!

For your convenience, you can also download the entire summer directory. Just click the link below!

If you’re looking for even more summertime inspiration, check out the “summer time” section on GraphicRiver’s Design Resources page.

What are your favorite summer activities? Let us know in the comments below!

I know many people consider the summer the slow season in terms of design and design work. But that’s just the opposite for me. I think I learn more from the slower pace during the summer. The change of pace keeps me engaged. Now I don’t plan to do any work this summer (other than some client projects) so I can really focus on creating new ideas and finding new inspirations. The only thing I’m looking forward to at the moment is the heat. I am getting old. The kids go to camp, I have some clients that need to be looked after so I will have lots of time to just play.

What a wonderful collection of clip art! Thank you so much for sharing!

Oh, there’s a lot to do when the kids are away for the summer! I used to have two kids. One daughter and one son. Unfortunately the daughter is only 12, so I didn’t have time to start collecting summer clip art with her. Thanks for stopping by!

It seems to me summer is a little slower, less hectic, when I am just at home. It’s nice when we get the chance to slow down a little bit from our “normal” busy pace! Thank you for visiting my blog today!

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