Where can i take my dog swimming

Where can i take my dog swimming

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Where can i take my dog swimming

Posted by: Dany

Wed, 10/28/2010 - 6:06pm

I have a 15 month old Lab mix. We live in the suburbs but she's never taken a swim before. We went to the beach last weekend for some water. I was really surprised at how far out we had to go. I've been worried she would panic. She's a sweet girl, but is very excitable and doesn't like to swim. She's not a huge fan of boats either. Any advice where i can get a place that will let me take her in? We were hoping to be able to get to a lake, but that will not work with a dog. If there's nothing avlable for me to bring her to, what are my options?

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Wed, 10/28/2010 - 8:05pm

Hi Dany,

If you've never taken your dog to the beach before, start small and with small crowds. I suggest you start at a small, less crowded beach in the area you're in. You could also take her to a public pool or public community/senior center swimming pool.

A lot of people are familiar with beaches that are great for swimming and there are public beaches with plenty of room for dogs. If you have a lake nearby, that would be a great way to start, but you might have to take her on a boat. I have a little Lab and he can swim very well, but I wouldn't take him to a lake right off the bat.

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Thu, 10/29/2010 - 4:16am

We have a lot of water around here, in the summer months the kids and I take our dogs to a lake near us. The kids' dogs are a little more adventurous than mine and I've had a few times they get themselves in trouble and I need to save them. They seem to like swimming so much that I'd like to take my dog to the beach but I'm afrd she would get scared or overwhelmed. Where I am the lake has a boat ramp and I know the owners are fine with dogs on the boat but I have never taken a boat and boat ramp to the beach. Any suggestions?

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Thu, 10/29/2010 - 12:15pm

Our local dog park is very dog-friendly. We usually have a pretty well-behaved, ld-back dog, and a few nervous dogs. The dog park is usually busy, but we never seem to have to worry about people yelling at the dogs. We've never had to ask the owners, so I don't know how well-known it is. I'd say go try it out and see how it goes. They have a nice, deep water pit in the center, and there's a shallow (5-10ft deep) pit, and some large kiddie wading pool in the area. The water can get hot, so bring sunscreen.

Another idea is a local dog beach. That could work for you. Many dog beaches are in parks, with a nice, big, deep water pit in the center, with kiddie wading areas at either end. Some beaches have lifeguards, but many have no-dog areas.

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Thu, 10/29/2010 - 4:42pm

If you have to drive, try a dog park that is close to your home. We just got a local dog park and so far the dogs are great. The park is about 5-10 minutes from us. The staff at the park are very friendly and the dogs seem very happy to go to the park.

We live by a lake and there is a beach close by. We do have a boat ramp and we have gone boating to the beach. If the dog gets scared or upset we can always take her out of the boat and walk her over to the sand.

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Wed, 10/28/2010 - 9:42am

Just my opinion, but I think the most important thing is if you get any of the dogs upset on a boat, you won't want to go back on the water agn.

That is why we always use a dog ramp when we go boating. If we get the dogs on board, we take them to the beach and let them off, if we get them on board and let them off, they usually do ok.

But, like many others have sd, the beach is going to be very important. If your dog likes the beach, it is a great way to start.

As for swimming lessons, I would look at the local pet store. That is a great way to get a few swims under your dog's belt, even if it is a small area. It is a good way to see how your dog will respond, without having to have everyone around you scream at you for your dog to go in the water.

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Wed, 10/28/2010 - 9:05pm

We have a couple lakes near us and we have a beach near them. We have a boat and will take our dogs, but we have to go to one of the lakes, not the beach. I have taken him to a park in the spring and he loved it. It was not the first time I took him there, but he was young, I was the only one there and he was able to be very active. I am sure it will work out with the beach too. I would get your dog used to the water first.

Re: Where can i take my dog swimming

Wed, 10/28/2010 - 9:15pm

We go to a lake several times a week, sometimes even with friends, but we only take our dogs on the water when it's calm and we're the only ones there. This way we can be more observant of them and

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