Dog has dry mouth

Dog has dry mouth

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Dog has dry mouth but no pn or itching. When I use water my dog drinks but after 10 min of using this product dog starts feeling pn. How can I solve this problem ?

Canon CanoScanLiDE 110 Scanner not detected from Windows Vista. Device is being displayed in Device Manager but not in the printer list. I tried to connect from the print queue of Windows, it worked successfully. I installed my printer driver from the HP website, it has been successfully installed in Windows but still it is not detected in the print queue. I'm unable to print.

My brother, a software engineer, is constantly having headaches. He suffers headaches at least 4 times a day for at least 10 minutes every time he gets it. He has tried many things to cure the problem but it still persists. I am thinking of selling some of my old medicine to him, but i am unable to find the right ones for him. What do you suggest?

We have a laptop running windows 7. The fan runs continually during the entire working time.

I have tried numerous methods to solve this problem including:

1) turning the laptop off and leaving it that way for a few minutes

2) pressing a few keys on the keyboard

3) using all the avlable system power modes

4) changing the fan speed

All these methods result in same problem

i.e. fan turns on for less than 10 seconds before the fan automatically slows down to normal speed, fan continues to run continuously for about 15 - 20 minutes before turning off permanently

The CPU temperature in the laptop stays below 60 degrees C even when the fan runs continuously. The laptop has a 3 year warranty and is almost a year old.

I am wondering if it is likely that some sort of hardware flure is causing this?

A:Laptop with continuously running fan

Thank you for the information provided in your original post. I am assuming that you already contacted the manufacturer of your computer about the issue. However, I wanted to add that you can try and make a simple test.

First, shut down your laptop and turn it on agn with the power button. Once the laptop is on, if you see fan starts running, it means there is a problem with fan itself, and it is not a motherboard related issue.

Hope it helps, if you need further assistance, just feel free to reply agn.

It seems that the fan is being continuously turned on but the issue is that the fan is not moving that fast as it is not rotating, instead it remns stationary as it gets power from the motherboard/cpu. This creates a slight vacuum in the laptop. When the vacuum is present, it causes vibration to the top cover of the laptop. Once the laptop is in vibration, it gets overheated.

There is no thermal paste on the laptop, no vents on the sides, and all of the vent holes are blocked by laptop lid or keyboard.

I have just bought a brand new laptop and the fan doesn't seem to run. Its just stationary. I was wondering what could be the possible cause?

I have tried starting the fan using the button on the side of the laptop, and it seems to work. Its just that after the fan stops and I am unable to start the fan agn.

My laptop fan is constantly running, it will not shut off when it gets overheated. It is a Dell XPS M1210. I have tried unplugging the fan and it still keeps running. I also have to turn the laptop off and on to get the fan to work. It can not be fixed. I have tried all my fan fix programs and they all fled to fix this problem. It is stuck on the "off" setting and it is running at a very high speed (not in the normal range for the fan speed) when it is on.

I installed an new Nvidia card in a laptop and the fan never seemed to shut off.

I looked at all the power adapters that were plugged into the fan and none of them had voltage.

The power supply has 2 12V inputs that were used for the fans and they were not the only power coming into the fan. The adapter that came with the card had one 12V input and the other one was just another 12V supply.

The whole power adapter was used to supply the fan but it could not shut off.

So how is it possible for the laptop to keep on running the fan. There is no more than one 12V input and it has not been possible to turn it off.

The laptop has a 10 minute timeout when it shuts off the fan (and it is usually during the shutdown process). I looked at this and it seemed to be working fine (I could not get the fan to shut off using a "timer"), but no matter what, after 10 minutes I could see the fans spinning normally in Windows 7 (I think it is vista).

A similar problem (but different) from a Dell XPS M1530 notebook:

When you close the laptop lid and power down, the fans spin normally, but when the laptop is turned back on and the battery is charged, the fans do not spin (except that 1 or 2 fans might spin for a little while, it's very noisy, I guess is the hard drive). The laptop fan controller is turned off when the computer is turned off, but when it's turned on agn (laptop on battery), the fan controller is not turned on (it is supposed to be controlled by the controller inside the motherboard, but since there is no power to the fan controller, it's not doing anything).

I'm not sure whether the laptop is still in warranty (probably not) but if someone could post their experiences and maybe some solutions, that would be great.


I was able to get mine to shut off the CPU fan. I don't know if this is a solution, but here it is.

Shut down and wt for the 10 minutes to elapse.

Remove the battery.

Shut down the laptop and leave it on.

Remove the battery, and the laptop will turn on (presumably it will need to do this in order to use the battery).

Plug in the battery.

Shut down the laptop and wt for 10 minutes.

Turn it on.

The fans should turn off.

Hope this helps.


Try this:

shut down the laptop

take the battery out

turn it on without the battery (by pressing on the power button, nothing else)

wt for 10 minutes

reinsert the battery

shut down the laptop

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