Lazy dog restaurant and bar menu

Lazy dog restaurant and bar menu

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Lazy dog restaurant and bar menu has been revealed - here's what it includes

An all-new Lazy Dog menu is launching this summer for diners on a budget

From burgers, hot dogs and chips to salads, wraps and desserts, the menu aims to offer affordable, healthy options for diners

Lazy Dog in London’s Southbank, with a range of salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs on offer

The Lazy Dog restaurant and bar chain has launched a new menu for budget-conscious diners, with a range of burgers, wraps, hot dogs and salads.

Based in a number of London locations, the new menu offers meals for lunch, dinner and even kids’ meals, with dishes ranging from £5.20 for a wrap, £9.99 for a beef burger and £7.99 for a chicken burger.

This summer, as part of a ‘Bringing back Lazy Dog’ campaign, Lazy Dog is launching an all-new and limited edition menu, which includes hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

The new menu was revealed during a special event at the Lazy Dog Southbank in London’s Royal Festival Hall on Friday (July 20) night, with a selection of five different food options on offer, priced at £5.20, £9.99, £7.99 and £12.99.

And as a part of a new summer campaign, Lazy Dog will offer customers the chance to win a free Lazy Dog T-shirt and a three-month pass to enjoy unlimited Lazy Dog meals, with diners also able to choose from a range of free drinks.

One of the options available is the new all-new ‘Grazed’ burger, which features ‘Grainne’ beef (80/20, grain fed), with ‘Daiya’ cheese, fresh apple, onion, tomato, lettuce, aioli, beetroot, garlic, rosemary and parsley, which costs £12.99.

To celebrate Lazy Dog’s new meals, customers can also enjoy a limited edition T-shirt in collaboration with fashion label, Love Pop.

The ‘Lazy Dog T-shirt’ features a slogan from the brand’s advertising campaign, with “Bringing back Lazy Dog” – emblazoned across the chest and is available to buy online and at the Lazy Dog restaurant for £18.

To celebrate Lazy Dog’s new menu and exclusive T-shirts, dine in, or order by phone, and enter a prize draw to be in with the chance of winning a £250 shopping voucher.

To mark the launch of the new ‘Lazy Dog T-shirts,’ the Lazy Dog logo is on sale in a new limited edition ‘Grainne’ design featuring the same artwork and motifs from the new Lazy Dog campaign. The Lazy Dog T-shirt is available in sizes XS to XXL, in navy, black and grey. For £18, and limited to stock.

To order from the Lazy Dog menu, or call 0800 054 5414.

The Lazy Dog menu, which includes burgers, dogs and hotpots, is available for lunch and dinner, Monday to Friday.

For more information, visit

Photo credit: Lazy Dog

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