Korean corn dog delivery

Korean corn dog delivery

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Korean corn dog delivery is made with our signature Korean corn dogs, which is topped with our savory pork sauce and a light, crunchy sweet sauce and sprinkled with our signature red sauce.

Choose your favorite from our Korean corn dogs options, such as,

- Korean Corn Dog Combo- Traditional Korean Corn Dog- Chicken &, Beef Corn Dog- Korean Corn Dog with Cheese


Korean Pork Ketchup (Spicy)


Korean Sauce (Sweet)


Korean Sesame Sauce


Veggie Stem Ketchup


Add Sauce


Add Veggie Stem


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Choosing a sauce

You can choose from among three sauces to serve on your order of Korean corn dogs. You can choose our savory pork sauce, our sweet sauce or our sesame sauce.

Pork sauce

Our signature pork sauce is a spicy and rich sauce, made from a combination of soy sauce and garlic with a hint of ginger. It’s perfect for dipping our Korean corn dogs.

Sweet Sauce

Our sweet sauce is made from a combination of ketchup and water and sugar. We’ve developed this sauce for dipping our corn dogs as well, so if you prefer sweeter and mellower taste, this is the right choice for you.

Sesame Sauce

Our sesame sauce is a classic Korean soy sauce, which is blended with sesame paste and sprinkled with sesame seeds to create a rich and savory taste. You can serve this sauce over rice, to accompany the corn dogs.

Add Sauce

Choose a sauce to serve with your order of Korean corn dogs.

Add Vegetable Stem

Pick the vegetable stem you like to serve as an accompaniment to your order.



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Korean Corn Dog Sandwich (Veggie Stem)


Korean Corn Dog Sandwich (Veggie Stem)



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