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Serengeti: A cat for experienced owners

Serengeti: A cat for experienced owners

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The Serengeti is a beautiful and very spirited cat. Vigorous, lively and playful, it can be a bit more of a challenge for its owners than some quieter cat breeds. A beautiful exotic woman: The Serengeti cat - Image: Shutterstock / Krissi Lundgren

As a cross between the cheeky Bengal cat and the beautiful oriental shorthair, the Serengeti not only has an extravagant appearance, but also an exciting character. If you bring a four-legged friend of this type into your home, you should prepare yourself for a very active roommate.

A playful climbing maxim: The Serengeti

Like the Bengal and the Savannah cat, the exotic Serengeti is one of the cat breeds that are full of temperament and strength. They are excellent climbers and can jump amazingly high with their strong hind legs.

They are curious and enjoy being outside to let off steam and pursue their excellent hunting instinct. Secure access is therefore very convenient for them. If they do not have enough opportunities to climb and have a variety of activities, they can be prone to behavioral problems - a busy Serengeti, on the other hand, is a very lovable and friendly cat.

Affectionate cat who likes to play with water

This beautiful velvet paw is not only playful and lively towards its owners, but also very cuddly and loving. Anyone who plays and cuddles a lot with her makes her happy. Just like the Bengal, this pretty patterned four-legged friend is often an absolute water fan.

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But she likes the warmth even more. It doesn't take long to look for her in the cooler seasons: she prefers to stay in a cozy heating place!

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