My dog ate nutella

My dog ate nutella

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My dog ate nutella and now is pooping Nutella out of his butt

He had been pooping it out on my carpet for days and yesterday I caught him at it, so I told him NO. So he did it to my carpet agn. Is there something I can give him so he'll stop peeing out of his butt?

What do you think?

Hi everyone. I've read the other post with the same question. But I don't know if it is helpful to add mine here. It is the same, except my dog is 12 years old.

My dog's name is Fido. He is so well-trned he is a good boy. My problem is that he eats Nutella too much. He will eat it from his bowl, but he usually eats about half of it, too much for a large dog.

The other day he pooped about three tablespoons of Nutella out of his butt, that is the equivalent of eight cookies. He is very bad about housebreaking. Last week he pooped half a cup of it out of his butt (that is 10 cookies), but on a good note he does his business in the potty and has a very good housebreaking.

I don't know if he has diarrhea or not. But he does defecate a lot. Yesterday I found a huge amount of it, and all of it in my carpet.

I live in an apartment with a doggie door. And I don't understand why he doesn't let the dogs out in the backyard. He usually walks for 20 minutes before breakfast and walks for 30 minutes in the afternoon, but he doesn't.

What do you think I can do to stop him from having diarrhea and from pooping out a lot of it?


My dog did the same thing. But she has had diarrhea since a few days ago. She ate a package of chicken-apple sausages. She is a small dog, too.

She will not go outside. And she is so depressed that she doesn't want to eat.

I hope you will find a solution to her problem.

Thanks for all your answers. It is nice to hear someone experienced on the topic.

Today is the second day of diarrhea, he pooped like 4 tablespoons of Nutella out of his butt. He did all that yesterday too.

I have an idea. Maybe you can help me with it. I think that he does not like the food because he is going through a period of change. Maybe he is thinking that he should not eat this food, so he is not eating it. But on the other hand he knows that if he eats it, he gets sick.

Maybe he thinks that if he goes through a period of change, then he will not get sick. I think that dogs can't understand human language. They communicate using body language.

When I took my dog to the vet, she told me to try a different food. The vet did not know how long it was going on. We tried different foods, but it didn't work. So now I'm wondering whether it is time to start using medication.

My dog eats this brand (Royal Canin Dental). He is a labrador retriever and he is very well trned. He eats in a dining room, and he is alone. I have tried different types of food, but he won't eat any of them.

For the first time in his life he is experiencing diarrhea and I think it's just a coincidence that it started after he ate that food. But then I don't know, because every time I ask the vet, she sd I have to take him to the hospital because he had a really bad case of vomiting (he did).

I don't know how to help him, I think that he just doesn't want to eat, and he has lost a lot of weight because he is so dehydrated.

I am just wondering if this food has caused this.

I would like to hear your opinion, if you have experienced this before.

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Sorry to hear about your dog. I am a dog owner. If your dog was in a very critical condition, it is possible that he ate the food that caused the problem and your vet doesn't want to diagnose it as it could have been an allergic reaction to the food. I have heard of an "allergy" to Royal Canin but the "dog's" immune system will fight off anything he eats. It's like when your kids are in the hospital and you feed them their favorite candy. They usually don't have a reaction. Also, if you read the ingredients on the label, you will see if any of the ingredients are likely to be problematic for your dog. If you can afford to feed him a different type of food, it is probably a good idea to start with that and see how he does. But I also want to add that your dog has to have medical attention. Maybe your vet knows something that the emergency vet can't. Your dog may have something in his system that could be causing this. If your dog is eating, then he should have his system balanced and the medications that you are giving him would balance out the problem. If he's not eating, then you need to address the problem.

A Vet told me when he did his yearly exam he checked my dog's eyes with a slit lamp. I have tried to ask for this before but the vet office seems to have a system of "If the dog can't eat or drink they just say not to worry".

I will call the vet agn this week to ask for this exam, if he doesn't have one in the first place.

You are right about everything you sd....

Just when it looks good....

I was a little concerned about the "lack of appetite" and it turned out he wasn't eating....he's never been a real huge eater. He'll down kibble when someone leaves it out for him, but if it's gone he doesn't seem to care anymore.

I had him to the vet and they couldn't figure out why he wasn't eating and had x-rays but I got the feeling it was more the fact that his owner was not keeping up with cleaning the cage and the food and water bowls and such....they hadn't been changed in weeks. But...I've been doing a little research and I've found a product called "Ovo-Gluptin"....which I had heard was good for appetite issues....and it has been very effective for my 3 year old who didn't even like it when I was feeding her but she would lick her food bowl clean while I was cleaning she absolutely loves the stuff.

I would have bought the bottle if I knew it would work....but they are very expensive if you use it for the long term. Just make sure to check for a pet store....not all stores carry might be the only thing he will eat.

That's the same one I was told about by the lady at the pet store. She sd it was great for appetite.


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