Dogs nose is cold

Dogs nose is cold

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Dogs nose is cold on the right side, but cold is cold. She just got it cleaned out. And my face is frozen. I'll be fine.


The cold nose is a good sign, so this is very typical of the nose infection. The other signs do not necessarily indicate an ear infection but may mean a sinus or ear infection. I have several dogs who have the cold, and it is usually because they have had an injury that makes it difficult to breath through the nose (usually when they chew on something in their mouth that has dried). In other words, there's a crack in the bone, for example.


Cold nose, red/throbbing eyes, or a red pimple on one ear are all signs that your dog may have an ear infection.

However, the absence of these signs does not necessarily rule out the possibility of an ear infection. If your dog has no "red flags" but is still showing symptoms, you should still take her to the vet.

The signs you describe are not typical of an ear infection.


An extremely low temperature for a pet is highly indicative of an illness. When the temp is under 98.6, an illness could be present. There is no guarantee that it will not be an illness and is best determined by a veterinarian. That being said, it could be a sinus infection which is not an uncommon cause for an extremely low temperature.

Sinus infection:

An infection that occurs in the sinus cavities in the head of the pet is known as a sinus infection. This infection will make the pet have a runny nose with a fever. A veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics to help control the inflammation of the sinus cavities.


A pet that has a temperature that is too high (101 degrees or more) for a prolonged period of time or too low (lower than 96 degrees) for a shorter period of time could have an illness that is causing the fever.

A red nose is also highly indicative of an illness. However, a temperature alone is not. An accurate temperature should be taken with a digital thermometer.

Ear problems:

An ear problem is an illness that may cause problems with the eardrum, ear canal, and middle ear. An eardrum can rupture and get infected. An ear infection is caused by an organism that gets into the ear of the pet through the pet's nostrils. The eardrum can be broken and get infected with an infection known as otitis externa. The ear canal may get blocked with a build up of wax or an infection known as otitis media. The middle ear can get inflamed with an inflammation of the middle ear known as otitis media. Other illnesses that can cause ear problems include ear mites, peritonitis, skin and ear disease, allergies, mastitis, ear infections, and abscess.

Hair loss:

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is not a disease that causes animals to be bald. There are many different illnesses that can cause hair loss and some may require the treatment of your veterinarian. Alopecia may be caused by a nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes, or from infection.


Lethargy is when the pet has difficulty maintaining its balance, and becomes slow to respond to your commands.

Loss of coordination:

Loss of coordination means that the pet cannot do certain things by itself, such as walk, eat, and eliminate.


This is when the pet is in a great deal of pain. The pet can be suffering from many different illnesses.


Seizures are not normal for a pet. They can be caused by any number of illnesses. Sometimes it is not a serious problem and the pet will recover after a couple of days. At other times it may be a life threatening situation.

Skin disorders:

There are many different skin disorders that a pet can get. When a pet suffers from any of these skin disorders, it will be obvious that something is wrong. The skin may be red or itchy and can become so dry that it will crack or it may have bumps, sores, and other signs of illness.

Urine discharge:

Urine discharge may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are common in cats, but they can happen in dogs as well. The main cause of a urinary tract infection is bacteria in the cat's intestines or the dog's lower urinary tract.

Urinary obstruction:

This is when the pet has a blockage in the bladder and urinary tract. It is caused by stones, foreign objects, or by disease.


Vomiting is a problem that occurs for a variety of reasons. In some cases it is normal and in others it can be life threatening. An example of the latter is when the pet vomits up food and then stops breathing.

Weight loss:

The rate of weight loss that a pet experiences can be caused by a number of reasons. In some cases the pet is ill and can't eat. It can also be that a pet is losing weight because of not eating enough. It is always important that the pet is getting enough food. You can always check the amount of food the pet is eating by seeing how much he or she has eaten.

You may also see a veterinarian and ask questions. Some veterinarians have a staff of vets in the waiting room that will take the time to talk with patients and answer questions. You can always try to find out what is wrong with your pet by talking with your pet's doctor.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with your pet if he or she has a reason for losing weight. It may be that the pet is just having a growth spurt or other normal body changes. You may want to know how much the pet weighs to get a better idea of how much he or she should be eating.

Lack of grooming:

Often dogs and cats groom themselves to maintain the natural oils on their skin. Dogs often go in their dog house to groom themselves or you can do it yourself with the right tools. You can find a good set of grooming tools at the local pet store. There are also tools for grooming dogs and cats on the Internet. You may even want to have a grooming kit that you can bring with you when you visit the veterinarian.


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