My dog ate a cough drop

My dog ate a cough drop

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My dog ate a cough drop. And it gave him diarrhea


Published October 11, 2012

Dogs are pretty smart. Like really smart, some of them. And apparently, they are just as capable as people are of eating the wrong things at the wrong time. While we humans tend to think of candy, peanuts, chocolate, and other dangerous things as “dangerous,” our dogs have been known to partake in these tasty treats. There is a whole new category of “treats” out there, like candies, crackers, gum, and other items that our canine friends just aren’t usually accustomed to snacking on. Here are 10 times that our dogs ate things that they weren’t supposed to, and it was quite nasty.


Dogs Eating Cough Drops

One day, I’m sitting in the living room on my laptop, and I notice that my dog has taken a cough drop. “Ugh!” I swear. Why would a dog eat a cough drop? Because, well, sometimes they like the taste of things, just like we do.

This particular instance was unusual, as it was a particular type of cough drop.


Dogs Eating Chocolates

On a beautiful summer day, I was driving along the local highway on my way home from work. When I passed a stoplight, I noticed my dog jumping up in the back seat, begging for something to eat. I pulled over to the curb and realized it was about the time when the local chocolate shop opened. The shop was not very busy, but they did have a table set up that they were selling chocolate dipped strawberries, and my dog wanted some.


Salty Dogs Eating Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is considered a health food because it contains mostly sugar, which is good for you. Unfortunately, chewing gum is just as bad for your dog, so I was a little surprised when my dog ate several pieces of chewing gum. He’s never done this before, and I told my wife what happened. She had to laugh at this situation.


Spent Coffee Grounds

When I worked in a coffee shop, I would drink many cups of coffee. When I drank coffee I would often buy the cheap, half-price coffee beans from the local farmer’s market. A lot of the cheaper coffee bean coffee was like a weak tea. I would open the foil pack, and it would be full of spent coffee grounds. This was not great, but it was an okay place to get caffeine. But after opening a couple of packs, my dog was interested in spending the time chewing on the grounds. He couldn’t care less if the taste was bad or not.


Dogs Eating Cat Litter

Cat litter is made of little plastic pellets, and some people add the little plastic beads or plastic sand, to be able to bury the litter. When it rains, they can add the litter to a puddle. The plastic beads are sometimes too hard for cats to pick up, and my dog can’t really dig through the sand, so I’m not sure why he would try to eat it.


Dog Food Tossed Into Lawn

A neighbor of ours has several big yards that they mow themselves. The neighbors that used to mow their yards were not very nice, and they often went through the mowed areas and would throw the dog food they had bought into the yard. I’m sure it was an accident, but my dog wasn’t too happy with the food and would eat it. This situation was a lot of food for us, so we didn’t tell the neighbor that I knew that his dog did this. I think it’s important to be nice to other people, especially when you live near each other.


Leftovers in The Fridge

The neighbor that tossed the dog food didn’t do it every time. We found out after we had a puppy, and it wasn’t easy to keep him from eating the dog food that was left over in the refrigerator. My neighbor would leave two, or sometimes more, left over dog meals in the refrigerator at times. He must have a problem with his fridge because he leaves food that isn’t cooked. My dog couldn’t wait to get his meal.


Dog Food Left Over

Sometimes the neighbors will leave the dog food over that is cooked. Sometimes they don’t bother and instead they just leave the food to cool. This doesn’t even seem to have a problem for the dogs, and I don’t have a problem with it either.


Unclean Dog Food Bowls

I don’t think that it is okay to use dirty bowls or bowls that aren’t cleaned every day. For me, it is so important to keep my dog’s food bowls clean. This is just as important as having food to put in them. I’m sure that it would be okay if there were no other foods in the bowl, but I feel that it is cleaner to have a clean bowl.


Loud Banging

Banging on your door at all hours of the day is not okay, no matter how loud it may seem to be. I like to go back to sleep, so no one should really bother me this much. I just wish that it wasn’t necessary to knock on the door so often.

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