A puppy moves in: How to make the house dog-safe

A puppy moves in: How to make the house dog-safe

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When a puppy comes into the house, it doesn't just mean a lot of fun, soft fur and big dog-googly eyes - you have to take some precautions before the puppy moves in. It is particularly important that the house is dog-proof. The puppy feels at home in a safely furnished house - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studios

It is best to start making the apartment or house dog-safe a few days before the puppy arrives. When the little dog is there, everything should be ready so that you can fully concentrate on your new four-legged roommate.

The puppy is coming soon: The right preparation

If a puppy comes into the household, all necessary purchases should of course be made first. From the basket to the dog blanket to toys, bowls and suitable food, everything should be available. It is best to find out in advance from the breeder what food the puppy is used to - in addition to all the strange impressions in his new home, the dog child does not have to get used to another type of dog food. As a universal aid for the puppy misfortunes that were inevitable in the early days, you should also purchase appropriate supplies of kitchen rolls.

Make the house dog-safe

Very important before the puppy moves in: Potential sources of danger must be eliminated. After all, small dogs like to nibble on anything that is not riveted and nail-proof. Power cables, poisonous houseplants, medication or cleaning agents must not be within the puppy's reach. You should also secure wobbly objects - otherwise the small dog may injure himself on a vase or a bottle that falls from a table.

Likewise, it can also happen that the puppy otherwise causes a mishap in the house or apartment. Everything that must not be chewed or wet should be cleared, secured or covered out of the way. You should also bring expensive shoes, favorite clothes or the children's cuddly toys to safety in good time.

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