Loving beagle lulls baby to sleep

Not everyone has such a great, lovely babysitter: The pretty, colorful beagle in this video spends no effort to make his little girlfriend happy. He carefully watches over her bed and keeps rocking her cradle so that she can sleep better.

Just nice when the child and dog get along as well as the two sweet friends in this video. While the beagle is still taking care of the baby, he will later become an excellent play partner and go through thick and thin with him.

Not only in this video, but also in general, the beagle is usually excellent as a family dog. He is a bright, affectionate little guy with a gentle temperament and a lot of fun playing. No wonder that this lovely four-legged friend almost seems to be waiting for the smallest family member to finally grow up!

Pretty beagle: pictures of the little colorful hound